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The team of auto service technicians at Moline Transmission Service in Moline are ready to resolve any automotive problems that you may be experiencing.

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The team of auto service technicians at Moline Transmission Service in Moline are ready to resolve any automotive problems that you may be experiencing. If you’re searching for professional, top-quality auto repairs and maintenance at reasonable pricing, then be sure stop in at our shop on 46th Avenue. Our extensive list of services includes everything from routine tune-ups, quick oil change, automotive air conditioner system repairs and installation, brake system repairs, wheel alignments and lots more. Our technicians have your repair needs covered with our mix of customer care, competitive prices and a dedication to the highest automotive standards. Our friendly and well-trained staff is here to assist you and ensure your car, truck or SUV gets back on the road safely and promptly.

Oil Change

It is generally recommended that vehicles receive an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to prevent wear on the engine and keep the oil free of particles and contaminant. For your vehicle’s specific mileage recommendation, consult the owner’s manual or ask one of our staff.

Without a doubt, motor oil is simply critical to the performance and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. The most proven way of getting a long and problem-free lifespan from an engine is to schedule oil changes at consistent intervals. However, over time and as miles accumulate, oil starts to collect carbon due to the process of combustion and from metal particles that shear away from moving engine parts. The properties of motor oil is made to negate these factors. Eventually, though, the contaminates build-up in the oil to the point where it loses its ability to provide sufficient lubrication. If too much time passes in between oil changes, carbon will start to collect as sludgy, thick deposits on essential engine parts.

Brake Repair

There are two main brake systems used for most vehicles: standard brakes and anti-locking brakes. A standard system entails of the rotors, the calipers and the brake pads. Once the brake pads start to get worn down and aren’t switched out regularly, you might need to replace the rotors. Our technicians can keep your vehicle’s brake system in safe and dependable working order. Schedule an appointment if your brakes are showing any sign of despair.

Preventive Maintenance

If you’re looking to optimize your vehicle’s performance and prolong its lifespan, regular maintenance is the most effective strategy. A maintenance appointment permits our techs a chance to identify minor issues and make the repairs necessary to prevent major problems from occurring. This will save costs over the long run and spare downtime for your vehicle.

A lot of preventive maintenance is recommended at certain intervals. For maintenance recommendations on your vehicle, consult the owner’s manual or inquire with one of our technicians. Depending upon road conditions, driving frequency and the make, model and year of the vehicle, general maintenance recommendations are:

  • Each 30,000 miles up to 75,000.
  • After the mileage on your vehicle reaches 75,000s, schedule maintenance at once least once per year.
  • For your air conditioning and heating systems, seasonal maintenance is advisable.
  • Twice-yearly tire inspection and rotation.
  • Changing the oil and other engine fluids is also essential.

Minor Engine Repairs

The engine is, clearly, the heart of your vehicle. Without the engine, fuel could not be converted into the energy your vehicle needs to start and drive. A fully functioning engine must be maintained well in order to be as efficient as possible. If you notice any signs of an engine problem, do not delay to call our shop and schedule a service appointment to protect against the risk of engine failure.

Contact Moline Transmission Service immediately for diagnostics and engine repair if you’re noticing:

  • Strange noises coming from the engine.
  • A sudden decline in fuel economy.
  • The check engine light goes on.

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This place is great! They not only fixed my truck for a fair price, but they also called me to come on for a free follow-up to make sure there were still no problems. That kind of attention to the customers' needs is rare and should I need help again I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Scott Seegrist (The Dude) Google

Wonderful service, very easy to get information on my vehicle repairs Always gives me a skip of the heartbeat when I get the quote, but I don't know how to fix it, so I call them! Susy, is a delight

Michelle Shradar Google

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