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Need Brake Repair or Replacement? Bring Your Vehicle to Our Shop for Auto Repair Quad Cities

There are a couple ways of checking for brake wear if vehicle has disc brakes. First, look for wear by examining the brake pads through the space in between the wheel spokes. The outer pad will be pressing against the metal rotor. Usually, there ought be at least one-quarter inch of pad visible. If you’re seeing than that, it’s advisable to have our service technicians inspect your brakes.

Another way to assess your brakes is by simply listening to them. If you’re hearing a screeching noise when you press the brakes, for instance, it’s a sign they probably need replacement. If you’re hearing it regularly, schedule an appointment right away for service at our shop.

An exception is in the event your vehicle has been parked for a while after exposure to water, whether from rain or from a carwash. The moisture may cause rust to start forming on the brake’s rotors. Upon first applying the brakes, the brake pads pressing against the rust might cause a squealing noise for a couple stops or so until the rust wears away.

Are your brakes making grinding noises? These metallic, loud sounds indicate that the pads are completely worn down and probably need replacement right away. The noises are caused by the caliper and discs rubbing against each other.

This will scratch the rotors and create an uneven, rough surface. Once this happens, your service technicians will probably recommend that the rotors should be evened out or replaced with new ones.

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